Dear Human Body Corporation

The template for your letter is shown below.  To use the template, you will want to open a new text document.  Highlight the entire letter that follows and right click on it.  Right click COPY.  Open up your text document and right click at the top of the page.  Click PASTE.  The letter should appear on your document and you should be able to insert your information in the areas outlined in the letter.  If you don't finish by the end of class, you can email the letter to yourself or save the letter to your flash drive.

Dear Human Body Corporation,

I am writing to you because I disagree with your decision to fire me. I believe that my position as the (organ name)  located in the _________________ is essential to the health of your company. The ______________ system in your company cannot function without me. The members of my team, (tissue type ) will fall apart without me and the (other organs) will not be able to function properly without me.  I am valuable to your team’s success because (your organ’s function.)  I am a team player and can help out the ________________ system by (how your organ system works with another organ system)   

Let me remind of you of some of the wonderful things I have done for your company.  (5 interesting facts)

It is very important that you understand why I am irreplaceable.  (why you are so important)  If you choose to not replace my organ (what happens if the organ is not part of the company anymore)

I understand that the (name of disease)  that our physician diagnosed by (diagnosis method) is alarming, however, I did not expect to contract this disease by (cause of disease).  Although this is causing the company to (symptoms),  I want you to know that this disease only affects (people affected) and the disease is (how common the disease is).  I am agreeable to the treatment suggested by our physician which is (treatment).  If I receive the proper treatment, I will (prognosis – outcome of treatment) and continue to be an asset to your company.  I want to assure you that this disease will only affect the company by (effect on the body).

I hope you reconsider firing me after reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon.  I look forward to getting the opportunity to serve you for many years to come.